Giles Clarke, Chairman

Giles Clarke began his career as an investment banker with Credit Suisse First Boston. In 1981 he bought from receivership the assets of what became Majestic Wine Warehouse, where as Chairman he built it into a UK national chain. He sold the UK plc business of Majestic Wine Warehouse for £15 million in 1989.

He co-founded Pet City in 1990, which he expanded nationwide before it was listed and subsequently sold in 1996 for £150 million, co-founded Safestore which was sold in 2003 for £44 million and was Chairman of Amerisur Resources plc, sold for £242 million in 2020. He was Chairman of the England and Wales Cricket Board from 2007-15 and a Director of the International Cricket Council from 2007-18.

He is currently Chairman of Westleigh Investments, Ironveld plc and a number of private companies.